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Forum Training launched in 2009 and since then, we have worked closely with our expert speakers to deliver a range of training events to thousands of members of senior management. Our expertise includes education, health and social care, early years and human resources.

At Forum Training, we deliver training via a range of media, including:

  • Face to face seminars
  • Conferences
  • Online Training
  • E-training documents

For more information about any of these training products, use the navigation at the top of the page.


Forum Training offers a wide range of training to the education sector on a variety of topics, including;

  • School business management 
  • Attendance  
  • Child protection
  • School finance
  • School inspection
  • And much more!

Click here to view a list of available conferences, seminars and distance learning events. 

Health & Social Care

Forum Training offers a range of conference and seminars for professionals in the Health & Social Care market, including our two annual conferences;

  • Quality & Compliance Conference
  • Expert Care Manager Conference

These events are run in conjunction with Forum Business Media’s popular Expert Care Manager Magazine.

Click here to view a list of available conferences and seminars.


Forum Business Media Ltd

Forum Business Media Ltd is a small, friendly and rapidly growing publisher and professional training company, based in Twickenham, SW London. Our magazines and other information publications (both print and digital) are widely used by schools, care homes, HR professionals, charities, Early Years settings and dentists, among others.

Forum Business Media Ltd is proud to be part of the international Forum Media Group (www.forum-media.com).

You can find out more about our work by visiting our website: www.forumbusinessmedia.co.uk

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