Forum Training is part of Forum Business Media Ltd, which was established in 2003 with the aim of providing clear, simple guidance to save organisations time and effort when dealing with legislation and compliance issues.

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The FORUM MEDIA GROUP (FMG) is an international media company headquartered near Munich (Germany) with leading professional publishing houses worldwide. In 2016, the FMG achieved a turnover of 94 million Euro and employed more than 1,000 employees in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

Founded in 1988, the FORUM MEDIA GROUP is an expert in providing business and private clients with high value information and entertainment products, and professional training and development. The FORUM MEDIA GROUP companies also offer a large portfolio of special interest publications, magazines, and highly regarded events.


Forum Training

Forum Training was established in 2009 to provide regular, highly regarded professional training covering a broad range of issues to assist organisations in dealing with important changes to practice. We currently offer training in the following sectors;

• Education

• Health and social care

• Early years

• Human resources

• Charities

• Dental

• General Practice

We run training in a variety of different formats to suit your individual needs and budget.


Our one-day conferences give you the chance to hear from a range of expert speakers covering a variety of key issues. You will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals to share your experience and knowledge.

In addition to providing you with copies of all the materials, all delegates will receive online login details at the event so you can access all resources via our website – this way you can return to your office and share information with colleagues!


Our one-day seminars provide a more intimate learning environment. Our speaker will lead you through a carefully planned day of workshops and talks to ensure that you come away with information that you need. A smaller group means that you have time to talk with your course leader about issues that concern you the most.

Distance learning

We provide a variety of distance learning platforms, including;

• Email seminars

• Online conference recordings

• Blended learning courses

Forum Business Training is part of the international Forum Media Group -


‘A good, well balanced conference. Well organised and free-flowing event.’
- Business Manager, Stramongate School

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day...I learnt new information to help me improve my role.’
- SBM, Rushcroft Primary School

‘Lots of practical tips. Developed alternative thinking.’
- Headteacher, Parochial CE Primary School

‘Really enjoyed the course & very useful. I have learnt a lot...I feel much more empowered now I have been on the conference.’
- Childcare manager, Bridge Wrap Around Care

‘Overall - great conference. Thanks very much!’
- HR Officer, SSI Schaefer UK Ltd

‘It was a very informative day which achieved the aims I had in mind for myself.’
- Head of HR, Andrews and Partners Ltd

‘Lots of very interesting subjects and updates.’
- Registered manager, Oakdown House Ltd

‘Kept up my interest and everything relevant.’
- Registered provider, Turning Point Project

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