Are you ready for changes to data protection regulations in charities?
With news of recent fines being imposed on well known charities, it is imperative  that your practices and processes are compliant.  This brand new conference will ensure that you are up-to-date with your obligations, both now and over the next 18 months. 

Event date 07 September 2017
  Spaces Available

Refresh your knowledge on safeguarding adults; ensure you are following the correct procedures and review your safeguarding policies. With so many changes to guidance and regulations in recent years, it is essential you are up-to-date and aware of steps you should be taking to create a safe environment.  BOOK NOW

Event date 07 November 2017
  Spaces Available

Children are exposed to increased dangers as our world becomes more technologically advanced . We need to make sure our safeguarding procedures are up-to-date. Charities that come into contact with children and young people need to train staff on new types of safeguarding risks and how to prevent abuse both on-and offline.  BOOK NOW    Follow us  Follow us on Twitter #scc2018

Event date 18 January 2018
  Spaces Available

End of life care can be a difficult and distressing topic to discuss. How can you approach open and honest conversations about end of life care in your setting? This conference highlights the importance of developing personalised end of life care plans and the integration of services,  helping you deliver high quality care and provide the best experience possible for service users and their families.

Event date 25 January 2018
  Spaces Available

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