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 Cost-effective recruitment and retention strategies are big HR concerns. Explore this topic in detail and receive updates on procedures for handling grievances and discipline, managing staff absences and how to deal with work-related stress.

Event date 28 September 2017
  Spaces Available

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Do you know how to identify signs of mental illness early? How to prevent absences due to work-related mental health problems? 

Event date 04 October 2017
  Spaces Available

The Apprenticeship Levy has been updated and more businesses are seeing the effects. How will an apprentice help your organisation and what strategies will benefit you in the long-term? Find out how you can utilise all the available tools and incorporate the levy into your business smoothly and effectively. BOOK NOW

Event date 05 October 2017
  Spaces Available

End of life care can be a difficult and distressing topic to discuss. How can you approach open and honest conversations about end of life care in your setting? This conference highlights the importance of developing personalised end of life care plans and the integration of services,  helping you deliver high quality care and provide the best experience possible for service users and their families.

Event date 25 January 2018
  Spaces Available

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