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Ofsted receive more than 10,000 emails in praise of schools

Young professional man looking at his emails on a tablet

Ofsted have been inundanted with emails praising schools and teachers over their handling of the pandemic and quality of teaching.

This comes after the Education secretary called for parents to complain to Ofsted if they were unhappy with the quality of education being provided through remote learning.

His comments have sparked outrange amongst parents and teachers – many of whom have made huge sacrifices to ensure children and young people have access to learning.

Whilst this much deserved praise will undoubtedly be appreciated, there are concerns that emails reporting safeguarding concerns could be missed by overstretched staff.

Whether you think parents are right to be emailing Ofsted in defiance of the Education secretary’s comments or not, one thing is for sure. His comments have proven to be highly unpopular.

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