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Forum Training run a wide variety of smaller workshops and seminars for education professionals. Our seminars are led by one expert speaker and we limit the numbers to 15-25 delegates to provide a more intimate and interactive learning environment.

Care homes are predicted to have “718,000 more care workers by 2025, but the turnover in adult social care of 25.4% means that around 300,000 workers leave the sector each year.” (The Guardian, Friday 11th November 2016).

Adult social care managers have asked us for more information on how to recruit the best candidates and retain the best staff. Forum Training is delighted to announce a one-day workshop, partnering with Neil Eastwood to focus on recruitment and retention in care homes. Previous delegates describe Neil as having an ‘open approach’, ‘relevant content’ and being ‘interesting and informative’. This crucial workshop will enable you to create the best systems, standards, and techniques for you to teach and train new and existing staff. 

Event date 26 July 2017
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